We farm Berkshire & Large Black rare breed pigs. Both breeds are distinctive because they are black.IMG_6557 adj

The Berkshire pig is the oldest domesticated pig in the UK dating back to the English Civil War when Oliver Cromwell fed his army on them whilst stationed outside Reading. Believed to be a favourite of Queen Victoria, she registered the oldest recorded boar “The Ace of Spades.” The black hair minimises sun burn and assists in free range farming.

Recognised as a delicacy in Japanese culture, Berkshire pork has a distinctive taste with very little fat relative to other breeds.

The Large Black pig is a fantastic mother, raising 2.5 litters per year of 10-12 weaners. Originating in Devon & Cornwall, the breed reduced significantly post war as ‘pink pigs’ were intensively farmed. Suited very well to free range rearing systems, we farm the Large Black free range with customers enjoying the unique taste and texture of the meat derived from its active foraging lifestyle.